Newsflash: 2019 Risk Theatre Modern Tragedy Competition Semi-Finalists

Congratulations to our 2019 Semi-Finalists. Of the 182 plays, 17 proud contenders remain in the running. It brings us great pleasure to post the titles of the plays which have moved to the next round. Stay tuned for an update in the beginning of June when finalists will be announced.

Antigone 2020


Before You Get Married

Chaos is Come Again


The Chechens


In Bloom

In the Silo


Mysterious Ecstasy of the Lonely Business Traveler

North and Central


Signature Photo

Stale Obsession

This Tainted Earth

Weather the Storm

Thank you to everyone for participating, and we hope to see you again next year for the 2020 Risk Theatre Modern Tragedy Competition. We are happy to announce that next year the prize money has gone up from $10,000 to $11,100! More risk, more reward! For more info, see

Until next time, I’m Edwin Wong, and I’m doing Melpomene’s work.

One thought on “Newsflash: 2019 Risk Theatre Modern Tragedy Competition Semi-Finalists

  1. Don Connolly

    I wrote the letter Edwin quoted about risk being “the fulcrum of the action.” In his commentary, he referred to “the fulcrum of action,” a slight but, I think, an important difference. When I wrote my master’s thesis referred to in my letter, and translated key passages, I had a concern that the simple word “action” referring to plot might be seen as “activity,” what the actors do on stage. So I translated “plot” as “a course of action.” Now I might elaborate that to “a series of events making up the course of action.” Remembering all I went through with that thesis to get the translation perfectly clear, I wanted to add this clarifying (if meticulous) thought about “the fulcrum of the action.”

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